Saturday, August 4, 2007

What Do You Want The Conference to Feature?

As we've said before, the Blogging While Brown Conference is all about what you, the participants, want it to be. We've heard your suggestions for topics at the conference -- now we want more! Tell us what topics you want to hear covered at the conference. Keep in mind that we want topics that are going to be centered around blogging, podcasting and social media.

So let's hear it! After all, this is your conference, and we want the content to reflect what you want.


daddy in a strange land said...

Wow! I just stumbled on your wiki (via a button on someone's site) while doing some research for a post I'm doing for Anti-Racist Parent about the dust-up at BlogHer over PR flacks not pitching to mombloggers of color b/c they don't know what to do with p.o.c.

This is an awesome idea! Don't know if I'll be able to schlep from Cali to GA next summer, but I'll be watching...

Anyway, don't forget to put parentbloggers of color (and blogging about the intersection of race/culture/identity and parenting/family) on your topic list!

--daddy in a strange land

(also coordinator of Rice Daddies>Rice Daddies

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I wish I could come to the Blogging While Brown conference, but I'm going to be about seven thousand miles away on that day (every day, really).

I'm sure you'll fill me in and I'll feel as if I was there, since solidarity is not a physical connection but a spiritual and political and metaphysical connection.

Martin Lindsey. said...

Gina, Karsh, Kevin, I'm responding to all previous posts and comments. It is definitely time. Man, I'm so geared up now I already forgot how I came across this link just a few minutes ago.

Well, it seems that lot of us have been talking about a coference like this in recent months. I had a core group teleconferencing and brain storming and we were thinking Atlanta too so you are right on point.

Let me digress for a second...what's the wiki-wide password for the planning wiki site?

I'd like you to add a personal improvement panel to the conference (positive attitude, positive actions etc.) along with the technical stuff that has already been suggested (blogging 101, wikis, widgets, feeds etc.).

Also lets have a panel of known successful bloggers of color for the purpose of inspiration and instruction. They could give us how too's and tell us about their personal journeys thru the blogosphere to this point.

The Black Arts Festival is the perfect creative tie in. We and the artists can definitely feed of each others muse and work with each other directly in practical and business terms.

Great. The idea isn't going to die on the vine!!!

Here are some big time Afrosphere bloggers who definitely need to be tied in so e-mail them and comment on their blogs with a link to the site and tell them I sent you their way:

Fredric Mitchell at Young Black Professional Guide

Paula Neal Mooney at Paula Neal Mooney

Vanessa Beyers at Vanessa Unplugged!

Wayne Hicks at the Electronic Village

Theo Johnson at Now That's What I'm Talkin' About!

Tisha Best at Serenity Unearthed

There are plenty more and ask these folks for suggestions too. Looking for to hearing more and keeping posted. Have a great rest of the week.


Martin Lindsey. said...

Oh yeah, my current blog site is


Mwangangi said...

I can't think of some original civil liberty thing so how about a seminar about selectively whoring your blog to merely semi-nefarious corporate interests.

Maybe something about getting on Al Gore's Current TV also.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

This is great, this conference you're organizing!

Since this conference will be a counterpoint to DailyKos, and will be organizing in a blogosphere where DailyKos remains influential, you might want to have someone study up on The Truth About Kos.

Since we feel excluded from so many things, we need to know as much as we can about the people who are leading the exclusion. Plus, the facts assembled at The Truth About Kos will help explain to the media, factually, why it is so important to have an independent Black bloggers groups and an annual independent self-determined Black bloggers' conference.

In addition, since you're making your conference an alternative for Blacks who might otherwise go to YearlyKos (all six of them), the information at The Truth About Kos helps show Blacks and whites why participation in YearlyKos is worse than a waste of time.

Just to show you that I don't spend all of my time targeting and fighting against white male supremacist whitosphere bloggers, I hereby offer to publish press releases about the Blogging While Black Conference. You send it to me and I'll publish it and circulate it.

I've done some publicity work for conferences before (including rounding up members of the Congressional delegation as participants) and I'll help in any way I can.

For example, why isn't this blog on the AfroSpear blog list, where it can be in 60 Black bloggers' faces every time they look at their blogs?

AfroSpear blogs are getting thousands of hits a day. Can you afford NOT to be on the AfroSpear blog list while organizing a national conference of Black bloggers?

If you talk to AAPP, he'll help get you on the AfroSpear blog list.

Here's another suggestion: Publicity for the annual Black bloggers' conference should be done at the same time that we are recruiting new members for the AfroSpear. When potential members of the AfroSpear ask us what the AfroSpear offers, one of the things we should be telling them about is the annual meeting of Black bloggers. That way, we're recruiting members for the AfroSpear AND informing them months in advance of the annual conference.

The AfroSpear has a list serve that includes 60 Black bloggers and is growing at the rate of about 3-5 per week. Wouldn't it be much easier to reach out to those bloggers if you were a participant in that list serve and could e-mail them all at once?

Black bloggers need to work together, building on each others' efforts to grow exponentially.

Finally, I've got a new blog up called the Police Brutality Blog. Anyone who wants to post can send me an e-mail and I'll make them an administrator (if they're a responsible Black self-determination blogger) so that they can post articles and information about (against) police brutality, particularly as it affects Black people.

g-e-m2001 said...

The conference isn't merely a counterpoint to Yearly Kos. Not all Black Bloggers are into politics so in fact our conference will be broader because it will include political blogs, but will include the entire political spectrum, unlike Yearly Kos that focuses specifically on progressive/liberal bloggers. If you want sessions/forums/ panels/ social gatherings within the conference to focus on progressive Black and Brown bloggers than speak up in the upcoming weeks.

BWB includes entertainment bloggers and folks with my space pages and folks who blog about the environment and pop culture, entertainment and gossip, finances, or just the blogger who wants to talk about their day.

unlike blogher, it includes both men and women.

Unlike SXSW it doesn't necessarily have a heavy tech focus, although I am sure it must some and BWB is aimed at both professional and amateur bloggers.

But most of all, we get to kick it together in the ATL because at the end of the day, we're all bloggers of color.

So I don't want this to be known as the anti-YearlyKos conference. It is bigger than that, but it is certainly a response to the lack of diversity at some of the biggest blogging conferences.

CapCity said...

Thank U, G-E-M2001 for clarifying that this conference will be embracing the SPECTRUM of Black/Brown Bloggers. God willing I will BE there! This is historical.

Gumbo Gurl said...

I just crept upon this post through browsing. WOW! Excellent idea! I'd love to attend. I love the diversity of bloggers you're engaging. I'm definitely not a blogger who blogs about politics. I have nothing against it -- it's just not my cup of tea. I look forward to reading more on the event.