Saturday, August 18, 2007

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Folks we're definitely a go for Atlanta 2008, we just have to sign the contract for the venue.

As soon as we secure the location of the panels/seminars/ sessions, registration will go up. Online and off line registration will be available for those who do not trust internet payment processing.

A block of rooms will be available.

Panels, Sessions, Seminars, Rountables Etc.
Once the logistics are done, then the hard work begins. If you would like to present a workshop or know someone who does, the BWB Conference Planning Committee or a special subcommittee will start a submission process. If you don't want to present a panel, but would like a session to cover a specific issue or topic, then you can continue to suggest those as well.

How to Serve on the Conference Planning Committee
All of the slots on the Conference Planning Committee are open and once the venue and specific dates are finalized, we'll post info on how to become a member. Ultimately the goal is to have a conference that reflects the interests and needs of those attending. This is for, by, and about US! In addition to the CPC, surveys will also be utilized to gauge the desires of the attendees throughout the planning process. When the opportunity arises, speak, or forever hold your peace. You might consider subscribing to this blog's feed by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

What we do know
Registration will likely begin on a Friday at midday and continue on throughout the evening to allow people to fly in and get acclimated. A Beginning Blogger Boot Camp is scheduled in the afternoon. That is separate from BWB for those who are interested in blogging, but haven't taken the leap yet. This will enable them to hop right into the conference. Somebody suggested a workshop for beginning bloggers in an earlier thread.

An evening social/get to know you session/ etc is planned later that evening immediately following the BBBC. Details will be filled in by the Conference Planning Committee.

Workshops will go all day long on Saturday and the conference will end Sunday morning so folks can travel back home. The facilities for the Sunday event will be reserved, but what happens Sunday morning will be determined by the Planning Committee.

A lot of time will be built in for people to come together organically and make connections during the conference and have a chance to enjoy the city together, meet and caucus.

The right to anonymous speech is a sacred one and we realize that many bloggers write pseudonymously, therefore if you would like to maintain your anonymity yet participate, arrangements are being made for you.


Villager said...

I am a member of BDPA and it appears that we will have our 30th annual conference in Atlanta next August as well. Hopefully, they will be during the same week as I would love for all of that nubian IT power to be in one place at one time!

peace, Villager

g-e-m2001 said...

Oh I wish we would have known earlier Villager. that would have been awesome synergy.

Mega Rich said...

The National Book Club Conference (black literature event) is also in Atlanta next August.

Aug. 1-3, 2008

mark said...

I am thinking seriously about attending this conference. I love what you guys are doing thank you so much.

Martin Lindsey. said...

Hey planning team, I'd like to suggest using one of the web conference call services as a way to help the process. The growing committee(s) can talk to each other directly and plan more effectively.

Sincere said...

I am definitely going to attend. this will be my first convention and first time meeting other brown bloggers. can't wait!!

Mona said...

Found your site through MartyBLOGS. Great idea! I think the conference will be a big hit. Not sure I can make it but I support the idea ;)