Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Suggested Topics for Blogging While Brown - Requests for Proposals and Conference Tracks.

We've gone back and combed through all of the proposed topics that people have suggested on this blog, in their registration questionnaires, and on the Google Groups board. Review these to see if your suggestion was left off. Also, feel free to leave additional suggestions since the requests for proposals will be going out shortly. All of these are taken directly from topic suggestions. If you are interested in presenting a workshop or being a panel member, stay tuned.

  • New blogging technology, plugins for Wordpress. Blogging tips, writing tips.

  • Making your blog a full time job.

  • How to create peer to peer networks.

  • How to expand our voices in the blogosphere.

  • How to Increase Blog Traffic.

  • How to Monetize Your Content and Increase Blog Revenue

  • Netroots: How To Use Social Media for Community Activism

  • Usage of Black Vernacular In Blogging...Good or Bad?

  • Copyright Issues

  • Politics

  • Celebrity Gossip

  • Social Networking

  • Blogging 101: How To Stake Your Claim in the Blogosphere

  • Podcasting 101: Let Your Voice Be Heard

  • Videocasting 101: Lights, Camera, Action

  • Do you need a professional design or just a blog template?

  • Quality of content. Grammar, style, original ideas, writing skills, etc

  • Ethics panel

  • Access to people.

  • "How to Blog Your Way Into Mainstream Media" - That would be focused on how you can use blogging to establish yourself as an expert on your topic, and be quoted in the media on
    that topic. So it would basically be PR/media training focused.

  • Black LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual)communities.

Here are the tentative conference tracks :


Track No. 1

From the Screens to the Streets: News, Politics, and Social Justice

This track will feature sessions related to blogging about current events, activism, and bloggers who are leveraging their online resources to get offline results.

Track No. 2

Blogging Building Blocks

While bloggers of color are very diverse and cover a wide variety of subjects and interests, most bloggers want to increase their blog traffic, have access to and master the latest internet technology, and many desire ways to generate income from their blogging in hopes of blogging full time. This conference track will feature sessions related to the nuts and bolts of blogging such as technology, blogging widgets, the business of blogging, monetizing blogs, increasing blog traffic, legal issues, design and layout and improving the reader experience for your blogosphere.

Track No. 3

The Blogs of Our Lives

This conference track will feature entertainment, Gossip, the Bloggerratti, Lifestyle and Social Networking, how not to get sued, artist promotion, our guilty pleasures.


Martin Lindsey. said...

Track # 2 is for me!

Hey, how many people are registered so far? I know, I haven't thrown my pennies in yet. But I am talking it up evrywhere I blog and comment.

I have to wait til the semester ends so I'll have some more pocket change...LOL

Good work with the continuing progress of pulling this thing together.


afrobella said...

Can you take "electives" in other tracks? There's great stuff going on in all three of them, it's hard to decide what to sign up for. Track 2 would be the most immediately helpful to me, but 3 sounds fun and 1 sounds fascinating.

g-e-m2001 said...

Afrobella, you can go to any session you want to go to. The "Tracks" are meant to be a guide for the workshop proposals and insure that we have some diversity in the topics. We also hope to be able to webcast the tracks so that if you can't make a workshop, you can at least view it online at a later time.