Monday, November 26, 2007

Blogging While Brown Call For Workshops Now Open!!! YAY!

Planning is underway for Blogging While Brown: The First International Conference for Bloggers of Color, scheduled for July 25-27, 2008 at the Georgia World Conference Center and Hilton Downtown in Atlanta, Georgia.

The most important purpose of the conference is to share knowledge. The conference will promote intellectual, social, and cultural development of the blogging community by bringing bloggers of color together. Blogging While Brown is an opportunity to meet other bloggers and blog readers of color for the first time, discuss current issues of interest to bloggers of color, network with individuals and organizations interested in leveraging online activity with offline results, and learn about the latest technology that will assist bloggers with publishing their work and improving their readers experience by fully engaging in the newest media technology.

Blogging While Brown is currently accepting proposals for workshops that will appear at the conference.

Three Conference Tracks
  • Track No. 1 - From the Screens to the Streets: News, Politics, and Social Justice- This track will feature sessions related to blogging about current events, activism, and bloggers who are leveraging their online resources to get offline results.
  • Track No. 2 - Blogging Building Blocks-This conference track will feature sessions related to the nuts and bolts of blogging such as technology, blogging widgets, the business of blogging, monetizing blogs, increasing blog traffic, legal issues, design, layout and improving the reader experience.
  • Track No. 3 - The Blogs of Our Lives -This conference track will feature sessions related to entertainment, gossip, lifestyle and social networking, how not to get sued, artist promotion, and the blogs that are our favorite guilty pleasures.
Who may submit workshop proposals?
Any and all individuals interested in bloggers of color and the issues or interest to them should submit proposals. Individuals from for-profit and not-for-profit entities may submit proposals for consideration provided the proposed workshop supports the theme, goals or workshop subject areas of the Conference


Don't wait until the last minute!

Download the Workshop Proposal Form.

I for one would love to see someone put together panels on following topics:

  • Blog-a-holism: When readers spend more time on the blog than the blogger ( Y'all know who I am talking about)
  • Internet Ike Turners:How to Fight Back when You and Your Blog is Attacked
  • The Belligerent Blogger's Guide to Mental Health: What To Do When We All Can't Just Get Along.
  • Why Won't This CSS Work? - Internet Explorer 7 Won't Display My Expandable Posts, What Do I Do
  • Help Me Quit My Day Job:I Was Born To Blog
  • What To Do When the News Finds You

You can find some other suggested topics on the Blogging While Brown blog.

Be As Creative as you want to be. Work with other bloggers and blog readers. If you have any questions, email bloggingwhilebrown [at] gmail [dot] com.

Don't talk about it, be about it!

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