Friday, September 21, 2007

Early Registration For Blogging While Brown Now Open

Whew! Finally, we thought this day would NEVER come, but it is here finally! Registration for Blogging While Brown is now open. Early registration begins now through November 1,2007! YAY! The first 100 registrants will receive a discounted price of $100. So e-mail all your friends and tell them about it now before we start promoting the conference.

You can register now using EventBrite:

Let us know if you notice any glitches during the process. Right now, the Event Brite page is processing payments through Paypal. We will be registering for Google Checkout processing this weekend. If web based registration does not work for you, email bloggingwhilebrown(at) for instructions on how to register by mail.

The host hotel is the Hilton Atlanta Downtown, they assure me that our customized conference hotel registration page will be ready next week.

BLOGGING WHILE BROWN WEBSITE is currently under construction, but should be up soon.

As soon as we recover from booking the hotel and meeting space, we'll get going on content planning.

If you belong to a company or organization that you think would be interested in sponsoring the conference e-mail bloggingwhilebrown(at)

To all of you who gave event planning advice, thank you! We settled on Event Brite after a recommendation from this blog. Keep the suggestions coming!


Martin Lindsey. said...

Two thoughts. Ask Black Enterprise to be an event sponsor. Also check the Atlanta chapters of all the big organizations (100 Black Men, the Pan-Helenic council alumni chapters, NSBE, National Black MBA Association, National Black Accountants Association, National Black Journalists as a starting list) for sponsorships.

Get in contact with the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce to enlist their help recruiting sponsors or at least obtaining a member listing. Are any Atlanta bloggers members of the chamber? They can make contacts with Atlanta business owners and organizations directly on behalf of the event.

Does Atlanta have a Black Chamber of Commerce? Altanta's African American business infrastructure is one of the best in the country. We should be networking like crazy with that crowd to get funds.

Also, can you guys add a RSS feed option to this (Or did I overlook it?) and the upcoming Bloggingwhilebrown web site? It would be much easier to keep up wih your updates.

g-e-m2001 said...

We just added a feed. Thanks. Working on all of your good suggestions .