Monday, April 19, 2010

Workshops and Panels for Blogging While Brown 2010

Friday June 18, 2010

9:00-12:00 - "Beginning Blogger Boot Camp"
                     MLK Branch Library

5:00-6:30 - "Blogging While Brown: Who We Are, What It Means, Why We Matter"
                  Washington, DC Convention Center Room 206

6:30 Reception - Washington, DC Convention Center Room 206

Saturday June 19, 2010

Washington, DC Convention Center Room 207A

Workshops & Panel Discussions begin at 8:15 AM

Featured panels and workshops include:

“Yoga and Stress Relief for Social Media Users”

"Technology Review"

Beyond Gossip, Hip Hop, Hair, and Politics:Bloggers and Change Agents and Educators”

“The Business of Blogging: BEYOND Ad Networks”

“Why We Can't Wait: Technology and the Fierce Urgency of Now.” - Unique opportunities for people of color in the digital age and what might happen if fail to seize those opportunities.

“Town Hall Meeting”

“Break Through Bloggers”

More panels and workshops to be announced soon!

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